Metabolic Analytics (formerly BioPrint) is a cutting edge, non-invasive, body composition analysis system. It was developed by world renowned strength coach, Charles R. Poliquin ( The modulation gives a quick snapshot into the body. This correlates the storage of body fat with potential hormonal imbalances. These imbalances are what have caused various physiological issues. These include fat gain, poor sleep and energy all the way to poor performance and more impacting one's well-being.

The measures are then entered into the Proprietary software. It uses an algorithm based upon decades of expensive blood lab analysis to determine what the hormonal imbalances are.

Also it calculates the person's body fat percentage and is the only software that uses lower body measures in the calculation! From here it allows a much more individualized, tailored nutritional, lifestyle and supplementation protocols. This leads to much greater and faster results.

This makes it far easier to help a client achieve their goals. Perhaps they are unable to handle the consumption of carbohydrates. Maybe an athlete isn't sleeping well and unable to recover due to insufficient magnessium. Or the stress from work is causing systemic inflammation leading to fat gain?

What this does for the client is it accelerates the progress of their results. By making them healthier and helping to find a root cause to their fat gain or hormonal imbalance that is holding back their results. Regardless if you are an office worker, business exec, physique competitor or professional athlete, Metabolic Analytics will help to achieve better results and health!

The supplementation protocols use the highest quality pharmaceutical grade supplements. They use products from Designs for Health, Thorne Research and ATP-Lab. These are not available in stores as the companies reserve them for practitioner.

The system uses a proprietary software with the precise measurement of 14 skinfold sites:

  1. Chin

  2. Cheek

  3. Pectoral (Chest)

  4. Triceps

  5. Biceps

  6. Sub-scapular (shoulder blade)

  7. Mid-axillary (Below the Armpit)

  8. Suprailiac (Hips)

  9. Australian (Lower Back)

  10. Umbilical (Stomach)

  11. Knee cap

  12. Calf

  13. Quadriceps

  14. Hamstring

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